Kids Kung Fu

Class Times: Tues/Thurs 5:00
Unlike most karate programs, there is no attempt to glorify violence. Reflexive self defense is a byproduct of the real emphasis of the program: fitness and character development. Children are taught to cooperate with each other rather than be pitted against one another. Aggressiveness towards each other is unacceptable.

Respect for authority, self respect, self discipline, concentration and effort are the values taught in our classes. This has a profound effect on behavior at home, as well as on academics and sports.

Physically, our wide range of training equipment and skill developing exercises developes each muscle in isolation and then coordinates the body as a whole into graceful atheltic sequences, creating the foundation for a superior athlete. Timid children blossom, hyperactive children become more calm and self disciplined, and all children flourish in this multifaceted program.

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