Kung Fu

Class Times: Mon/Wed/Fri 6:00 and Sat 2:00

All Martial Arts have their roots in Chinese Kung Fu (Shaolin Chuan Fa). Kung Fu is designed to be a complete health system. In its original form it had two components: internal and external Kung Fu. The internal systems (Tai Chi, meditation and Chi Kung) focus on mental calm and alertness, rejuvenation of the nerves and internal organs and breathing techniques to cleanse and energize the body from within.

The external exercises are designed to create the perfectly fit and healthy athlete. Cardiovascular and weight training are combined with drills designed to strengthen and coordinate the body through an endless complexity of Martial Arts skills. The synthesis of internal and external exercises results in a calm, strong, graceful, self-disciplined and most of all, balanced student. This is a very comprehensive study of the Chinese Martial Arts and incorporates the following areas: 18 Classical Weapons, Shaolin Seven Animals, Chin Na (joint locks), Chang Chuan (Northern Shaolin), Nan Chuan (Southern Style Kung Fu), Grappling, Snake Fighting (ground fighting), Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation, Eastern Philosophy and Nutrition. The atmosphere is a non-competitive and harmonious one. Only those intent upon dedicating themselves to the serious study of Chinese Martial Arts need apply. Acceptance into the class remains at the discretion of the Sifu (instructor).

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